Laura is a graduate from the University of Vermont and completed her massage education through The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  She has been involved in the spa industry for the past seven years at the Red Door Spa at the Mystic Marriot and Sanno Spa at the Old Saybrook Point Inn and is opening her own office at the Central Rock Gym in Glastonbury.

        Laura enjoys climbing, yoga, running... and truly any fitness activity which avails her a certain level of awareness of sports and physical activity. Whether you are looking for general relaxation or a more specific session, she can provide a tailored experience to meet your needs.

Since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2016, Melissa has been busy accumulating numerous hours working at spas all throughout Connecticut. She is certified in Thai Table Massage and is skilled in Hot Stone Massage. Whether you are looking for Swedish Relaxation or Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Melissa is able to cater sessions to meet your needs. 

Melissa's pursuit of Massage Therapy is rooted in her enthusiasm for the Martial Arts - having been working towards her black belt for the past five years - as well as her interest in Rock Climbing. Both Martial Arts and Rock Climbing are hard on the body, and massage is an effective treatment to aid in the recovery process. Melissa is passionate about helping her clients get back to the doing the things that they enjoy most. 






An effective stress relief therapy for coping with our hectic and fast paced lives. 

  •  Reduces levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in turn lowering blood pressure and improving one’s overall outlook.
  •   Boosts the immune system, and improves memory and focus

  Can help promote a restful and healthy lifestyle, making for better more productive days.

Your therapist can effectively target repetitive strain injuries due to: running, walking, climbing, skiing, biking, work, parenthood, etc. 

Repetitive strain results from chronic muscle fatigue and the shortening of muscles which can cause: pain, inflammation, limit range of motion, and general fatigue. By effectively targeting problem areas, you can treat injuries and reduce recovery time.



Massage is a proven and effective tool for pain management

  •  It increases blood flow and encourages lymphatic drainage, moving toxins out and allowing nutrients in.
  • It is a useful method relieving headaches and chronic pain.

  It releases feel good hormones, dopamine and endorphins!

What to Expect


Please complete your intake form before your arrival. 

Before we start, I’ll go over a series of questions that will help me customize your session/program to what you need, making it as effective as possible. Traditionally, massage is performed unclothed; but you are welcome to undress to your level of comfort.

Proper draping techniques will be utilized at all times. Only the area to be worked on will be undraped in order to keep you warm, comfortable, and maintain your privacy. I use professional grade organic massage lotion, which provides hydration to the skin and prevents unwanted friction.

I will begin with long flowing strokes typical of the Swedish massage technique, warming up the muscles, preparing them for deeper and more varied work. If at any time you need any alterations, do not hesitate to inform me. I will make the appropriate adjustments. Remember, it is all about you!




Members: $95

Non-members: $115

Members: $65

Non-members: $75

Members: $40

Non-members: $50

Package Discounts:

Purchase 3 massages receive 10% off
Purchase 6 massages receive 15% off

 * Special pricing for employees

**Cancellation Policy:  You are required to cancel your appointment 24 hours before your scheduled session.  Failure to do so will result in a no show fee equal to the amount of the scheduled session.